Is Zorro project worth trying for algorithmic trading?

Zorro Algorithmic Trading

The online trading platform is growing bigger day by day. More people are entering this industry, and they are trying to come up with unique trading strategies. But automated trading has taken the industry by storm.

Automated trading is the best thing an independent trader can ask for. But implementing an automated trading strategy is one big task. It requires deep market research and a lot of backtesting. With the Zorro Project, all of this can be done in an instant.

The Zorro project is relatively new in the market of automated trading. But it has proven itself to have potential. Should you use it? How can it help you? Find out here.


What is the Zorro Project?

The Zorro project is simply a suite of trading tools for algorithmic traders. It can also be described as a trading platform. Zorro is more than just an automated trading platform, and that is what makes it better than competitor automated trading platforms.

The Zorro Project is also used as a financial research tool. It is made for developing a self-sufficient automated trading platform. It is institutional graded, a first of its kind.

Zorro GUI

The Zorro Project provides in-depth market analysis and backtesting features for your trade strategy. How does it do that? You simply code your strategy in the Zorro platform (c-lite language), and it will do the rest. Coding is another part where Zorro shines.

Other automated trading platforms require you to type in big codes for your strategy. This eats a big chunk of your time and leaves you with no time for result analysis. On the other hand, Zorro requires you to type in small codes. It could be in C-lite, Python, or R.

Zorro takes your code and starts the backtesting. It taps into trade data of several data feeds and tests your strategy. In the end, you will have the results and a lot of time for analyzing them.

Zorro is a universal tool. So, it does not matter which type of market you are trading on.


Functions of the Zorro Project

As mentioned earlier, the Zorro project is an automated trading platform. But there is more to it. And that is what makes the Zorro project different. So, what functions can we get from the Zorro project? We have discussed them below.

Universal Market Tools

The Zorro Project tools are not dedicated to a particular market. They can be implemented in every trade sector – Forex, CFD, Stocks, or cryptocurrencies. Every market can be analyzed with the Zorro tools.

The tools cover everything in these markets. You can analyze these markets by all time frames too. It can support milliseconds and years. These tools are also highly accurate with their values. So, there’s no need to worry about false results.

Small Coding Scripts

One of the best features of the Zorro project is its small coding scripts. You will need to input your commands with programming languages, c-lite, like in any automated trading platform.

Usually, those platforms require you to write an enormous paragraph of your command with full details. If any character in your coding is missing, the entire program fails. But in the Zorro Project, you will only need to write a small script of coding. It will contain the central command of your automated strategy. The other controls are set on a dashboard that will automate the coding process.

This way, you will have more time on your hand for observing and analyzing the results.


Supports Multiple Coding Languages

It is no surprise that independent traders are not proficient in all coding languages. Some may be proficient with C+ while others are more comfortable with Java or Python.

They can easily code their auto trading strategy in their preferred code language. But most automated trading software comes with one or two language options for coding. This creates a lot of complications for some traders.

When it comes to Zorro Trading, you won’t have to be worried about that. Any programming language will do. The Zorro project can run C language, R language, and Python.

Access to Online Data Feed

Zorro Project has access to almost any relevant data field on the internet – Financial data feed, brokers, forex exchange, and cryptocurrency exchanges. All of this data is used by the Zorro Project whenever you backtest your strategy.

It taps into those data feeds and runs your strategy over the feeds. Then it creates the result from the test data.

Since it has access to all kinds of financial data, you can develop a strategy in any type of algorithmic trading.

Artificial Intelligence

The Zorro Project comes with one of the most powerful artificial intelligence systems for trading. This trading program can easily be integrated with TensorFlow™, Keras™, MxNet™, and thousands of other machine learning, and data analysis packages.

Fully Customizable

You can design your user interface of the Zorro Project software. Naturally, different people will want different button layouts. Some use a set of buttons often more than others.

Zorro Project understands that, and thus they give you the full liberty of designing the layout of their application.


Cost of Zorro Project

There are no costs of using the Zorro project. Anyone can use it for free. Why free, though? Don’t they want any profit?

Yes, they do. But they also have a vision. The development of the Zorro Project was mainly donated. But is it enough to make it a free-to-use platform? Maybe not. But the sponsors believed that everyone should participate in the financial market and develop their life.

This will lessen the divide between rich and poor.

But wouldn’t the rich make use of them and become richer? Yes, they will, but that is where the conditions of using the Zorro project play a role.

Yes, the Zorro project is free to use. But if you make more than $30,000 profit in a year, you will have to pay for the commercial version.

If your trade account has more than $7000, you will have to pay for the commercial version.

So, what can we say? Zorro Project is genuinely generous with its pricing. They live up to the name of Zorro.

Make Money from The Rich And Give It To The Poor – this is the motto of the Zorro Project.

How Can the Zorro Project Help Independent Traders?

How do behavioral patterns help you and other independent traders?  In several ways, actually.

The most obvious way that Zorro Project can help you is by providing fast and accurate results of your strategy. The Zorro Project can quickly test your strategy by testing it against thousands of financial information feeds from all over the world. It can test your strategy and chart the analysis results in an instant.

This will give the trader more time to observe and think their strategies through.

Also, it requires a minimal amount of coding for the Zorro project. A small coding script means more efficiency.

The Zorro Project helps independent traders by learning from the market environment and optimizing the strategies. It then brings some changes in the trading strategy and thus allows the trader to gain more profit.


The Zorro Project also comes with some ready-made trading strategies for various commodities. These ready-made strategies can be implemented for CFD, stock, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

So, to summarize, the Zorro Project is helping individual traders by giving them access to data from multiple sources, backtesting their strategies from these data sources in an instant, charting out results, and fixing significant issues in their strategy.

Also, it has a fully customizable interface, which helps too.

Cons of Zorro Project

Based on the functions of the Zorro Project, it might not seem like there are any downsides to this platform. You will see some unique benefits and extra convenience features. So, are there any downsides to the Zorro project?

Yes, there is one. But this downside is only applicable for Apple Mac users. The Zorro project cannot run on Apple Mac. This deprives Apple users of the opportunity to use this marvelous software.

However, this downside of the Zorro Project can be overcome by using a Windows emulator. This way, the software can be run on any Apple computer.

Now the question is, why is it like that? Do the Zorro Project sponsors hate Apple? No, it is not like that. The Zorro Project was done with mostly donated funds. It can be assumed that the funds were not enough to develop an Apple IOS software for this platform.


We think that it is a temporary downside. As the user base of the Zorro Project is growing, the developer team will surely make a note of creating an Apple IOS patch for their software. So, you can hope to see an Apple version of the Zorro Project real soon. In the meantime, you can bypass this downside with a Windows emulator, as mentioned.


The Zorro project has a lot of features and tools. Some of them are unique and only found on Zorro’s platform. Others are common but surpass that of the competitors.

If we look for downsides, then there is only one. But that can be easily overcome with the use of an emulator.

So, yes, it is worth trying. Besides, there is no financial cost for using it. So, where is the loss in trying it out?

Zorro allow you to make profeessional grade backtesting. Since, most of the times, you want to get rid of the problem from transitioning from bactestinng to live execution, it has an execution engine that supports multiple brokers and asset classes.

Zorro also includes a strong component of analytical tools that you can use in your trading strategies seamlessly.

Finally, it contains a collection of systematic trading tools for:

  • Getting data from multiple sources,
  • building custom user-inteerfaces for indivudual strategies or portfolios, and post-trade reporting/reconcialiation and analaysis.

It is one of the fastest and most efficient automated trading platforms for independent traders. Due to the fact that its programming language is lite-c, its speed is one of the most interesting features.

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